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Inspiring Growth Through Experience

Be inspired and empowered about your health and wellbeing! Join me on my own personal journey to wellness as I learn about and experience food, psychology, spirituality, happiness, joy, health, lifestyle and love and how it all creates the belief systems that shape our lives.


"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" ​- Dr Wayne Dyer

I've experienced A LOT of what life can through at you and I've battled my way through it to come out the other side more enlightened, aware, healthy and with more love for my self and admiration of my own strength then I ever thought possible... you can do this too!

As James Thomas from The Awakening Network says "have trust and faith in your self, for your self and use your discernment".

I have decided not to continue with this page now that The Inspired Guide Magazine exists and provides in much more detail what I was planning on covering here... so if you haven't already, please head over and 'like' or 'follow' that page as it is my natural evolution from The Wellness Guide and contains some stunningly brilliant content from me as well as contributors from all over the world!

Read the FREE monthly editions for inspo and info on wellness, spirituality, creativity, conscious living, soulful business, parenting and more!

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