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Music by John Sears

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist & Guitar Tutor Based in Nelson, New Zealand.

Born and raised in the top of the South Island of New Zealand, John Sears grew up in a creative environment with parents who were both musicians and loved art; he saw the joy they got from music which instilled the same passion in him. John picked up the guitar in his mid-teens; learning to sing and play mainly to Nirvana, however the turning point came when he saw Cunning Stunts from Metallica on video around 1998; he remembers thinking it was the most energetic and exciting thing he had ever seen and fell in love with the style of live performance that Metallica had; from then on he wanted to be on stage doing what they did. 

After studying at the Nelson School of Music in 2002 he ventured south to Dunedin to pursue his music career as a singer and guitarist and started up a metal band with an unpronouncable name - Mirikachinist - with his best friend; this led to some pretty memorable experiences, tours, events, radio airplay and the recording of an EP.

In 2013 he moved back to Nelson with his wife and joined local metal band Black Water Project, as well as the All Saints Church youth band. In 2018 he took on his first guitar student and soon realised that he enjoyed teaching and was pretty good at it so slowly started taking on more students and developing his own unique course structure in alignment with the student’s goals and level of skill - creating an enjoyable learning environment catering to the individual.

In June 2020 John finally launched his solo artist brand and opened up his guitar tutoring to the public. To celebrate the launch of his solo career he released the demo of his first original acoustic song 'As the Sun Leaves the Sky' which he debuted at his wife's birthday during the nationwide lockdown in April 2020.

For tutoring John meets with the student and gets to know their goals, expectations and level of skill then they work together to create a unique course outline to meet these requirements. Each course works with the foundational elements of technical skill (picking, strumming and fretting) using a song that the student likes. They use a chosen song to learn how to play the guitar in terms of technical skill and sound - which John has found is the most exciting and enjoyable way to learn the guitar.


John is available for live events playing covers and originals chosen specifically for the style of the event. He can plug into a built in or provided sound system or has his own amp for small spaces or more intimate events and is flexible with most spaces.


Diamonds on the Inside - Ben Harper

Ain't No Use - L.A.B

Don't Hold Back - The Potbelleez

Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

You & Me - Lifehouse

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Little Things - One Direction

(He is always adding to his covers collection and this is a VERY small sample of songs available)

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To book John for an event or to find out more about tutoring, 

please email him at:

Based in Nelson, New Zealand.

(Distance tutoring available)

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