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Welcome to For the Love of Street Art NZ - The home of Amanda Sears' photographic collection of street art from her travels around New Zealand and Australia.

Amanda has been photographing and documenting street art in the Nelson Tasman regions since 2014 and has published 2 books promoting the stunning local work - then as her traveling expanded so did her photographic collections of street art! Her collection now includes street art and mural photography from Christchurch to Auckland and even Australia! To keep up with everything she is up to with street art, follow her on social media at 'For The Love of Street Art NZ' - HERE on Facebook or HERE on Instagram.


Now an Official Street Art Hunter for the global project Street Art Cities, Amanda's photos showcase the Nelson and Tasman street art and murals to the rest of the world! View the Nelson map HERE.

View the Photographic Collections

More from For the Love of Street Art NZ & Amanda Sears

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Amanda does all of this for the love of it; the adventure of hunting out new street art and to promote the amazing art in the hopes of encouraging others to hunt for it too. What started from a graphic design project in 2014 has led to her self-publishing 2 books and promoting regional street art around the world! All For the Love of Street Art! Learn more HERE.

More About Amanda

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Amanda in the Media

Amanda usually just carries out the photography and documentation of the street art quietly in the background, popping pictures and information up on her social media accounts every so often... but every now and then the media will pick up on what she is up to and write a story about it!

Check out Amanda in the Media HERE.

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Read the Book Online

In 2015 Amanda expanded on her first photo book of Nelson murals to a much larger version which included Tasman too! This is a compilation of street art and mural photography in the Nelson and Tasman region in New Zealand up to date as of September 2015.

It is available to purchase in A5 Landscape or as an A6 pocket book.

View the 2015 Book FREE HERE.

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Street Art Cities

Street Art Cities is dedicated to creating the perfect platform to discover all murals worldwide and provides and opportunity for street art hunters to capture works and load them onto a global map - Just like Amanda has done with the Nelson Tasman regions! The best way to capture the ever-changing urban art terrain. View the Nelson Street Art Cities Map HERE.

I have not been afforded the time to add in all of the talented artist’s information and often it has been unavailable.

All rights to the artwork belong to the owner, whether the artist or the person who commissioned the work. I claim no right to the work, only the photographs of it.
All photographs belong to me and are in no way permitted for reproduction, copying, distribution or social sharing without my express written permission.

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