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BIG Things are Made of SMALL Things

BIG things are made of many SMALL things... "All great things come from small beginnings" - Trees grow from small seeds... A forest grows from just one tree... the sea is made of many droplets... life is just one big example of this!

Markus Rothkranz says that millionaires are made of many pennies - which is true. He is meaning that big things are made of many small things. He says if you see a penny, you should pick it up and be grateful for it - because the more you appreciate the little things, the more of it you attract... makes sense right? Like attracts like and all that...

He says that the penny was put there to 'test' you - to see if you are 'worthy' - to see if you are too good for it, or if you are good enough for it and for much more of it ... I find this so interesting! I have always had in the back of my mind that I was being tested with EVERYTHING! I always appreciated finding a 10 cent piece too and picking it up - either to donate or put in my 'piggy bank' (which was a frog).

My dad made this idea really stick with me when as a child/young adult he hired me to clean his house as my first job - I knew that he might test me in how well I cleaned by putting sand or something behind the doors - so I made sure I ALWAYS cleaned behind them - and every time I clean my house even now as a 33 year old adult, I remember this (even though he isn't here to put the sand there!).

This way of thinking meant that whenever I did/and do anything, I always kept in mind that maybe someone was watching me or 'testing' me and to always do my best. LOL. In fact when I learned 'spy' skills (when I went through my Nancy Drew and Detective phase) I knew not to go into something I should in case they had placed an invisible hair/thread across the opening that would break if disturbed! This has led me to be really detail orientated, respect people's privacy, to notice as much as possible, to see 'clues' in everything, to be mindful in all I do and with the situations I'm in and to always try my best - who knows how you are being tested! In my research, there are MANY ways!

Then as a society we went through the 'reality show' and 'pranking' TV phase which drilled it into me even more that you never know who is watching, or even filming you - if someone has carefully orchestrated an occurrence just to see how you react to it and you can WIN or LOSE just in that one experience - if the reality show was a game show too (and some were, like you could win money just for being a good person!).

It's quite interesting now because I actually see all of life like this. One big reality game show - one BIG orchestrated experience of evolution. Like a movie where the scenes play out so carefully and shape what happens - each choice takes you down the next path of potentiality (when it comes to timelines).

So, next time you see someone struggling and in need of assistance - think about it, take a second look... this might be a test, or a reality show to see if you are the kind of person to help others... would you 'pass' or 'fail'? I would pass every time and I am super proud of this. I love who I am and I love life!

Keep trying, pick up that penny and be thankful, help those in need if you can, clean behind the door, appreciate the little things and know that someone is ALWAYS watching, testing, observing... ;) whether it is a secret reality show camera crew or God or your higher self.

These are the choices we are given every day... what do you choose?

Thanks for reading.

Amanda Sears

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