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Find your team, your tribe, your village or your family.

Life and business is better when you are not alone, when you have a team of people who support you and understand you. People who can help improve your life and be there for you during the tough times. Everyone has their own team members and mine are mostly family, a couple of great friends, the occasional stranger and some amazing health practitioners.

My main team members:

  • My Mum, always there to listen to me cry, laugh and complain and offer advice and encouragement that has often been the only thing that has prevented me from crumbling to pieces many times in my life

  • John's Mum, always there to help whenever I need her with unconditional love and no judgment (and makes some delicious soup and coleslaw!)

  • Renae Bailey, my wise and kind friend who is always there for me and helps me understand my life experiences more (and reminds me of the tools I have to help myself, some of which she taught me)

  • But... my biggest and most amazing team member is my husband. He has been my rock and biggest supporter. With me through the unbearable times and the good times. He has had to watch me go through agony over and over again without being able to make it stop... and he has stuck around, making our bond even stronger.

One example of his love: On our belated honeymoon to Australia in 2016 I ended up in hospital in incredible pain on the second day there with suspected diverticulitis and John gave me strength to keep going with the rest of our trip (which was a flight hop from Cairns to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne over 2 weeks). When I had to come off the plane in Sydney in a wheelchair John patiently waited with me and pushed me in the chair, collected the bags and organised the ride to our hotel and waited beside me for my stronger pain relief to kick in

Those I have not mentioned... I am thankful to all my family and friends who have helped and supported me over the last few years of health hell. (and the many times prior) You are all wonderful and love you!

Who is on your team?

Thanks for Reading!

Amanda Sears

*Please see disclaimer on The Wellness Guide page here

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