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 Creative Solutions For Conscious Businesses 

With over 12 years experience in brand presentation and communication through design and modern marketing, Amanda Sears provides creative solutions, consulting and education to guide, empower and inspire conscious entrepreneurs to grow authentically and successfully in their business - and have fun, learn a bit and grow your confidence while doing it.


Amanda believes that design and marketing are inextricably linked and therefore need to be approached with a holistic and inclusive view. To achieve this she uses a progressive and her personal approach to modern marketing and design; focusing on dynamic visuals, consistent style and engaging content that reflects your business' quality, ethos and values authentically.

Amanda provides consulting on how you can take control of your own design and marketing for your conscious business - through direction, practical advice, planning, professional development, connections with contractors + education, training and guidance on best practice for your business and DIY online services like Canva and Wix.

Based in Nelson, New Zealand with a preference for 'in-person' clients.

Studio S works in alignment as the design and marketing arm for The Inspired Guide