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Are you Scaring People with Your Video Content?

Do you wonder why your videos, posts or otherwise generic marketing is not getting the kind of response you're wanting? Well, you might actually be scaring them off with your content!

Let's take social media or YouTube videos for example...

You see a video that has good lighting, a professional backdrop, the person has tidied themselves up enough to be presentable (it is marketing after all) and what they are talking about is interesting with the right amount of info to visual appeal to humour ratio.... you know you can trust their ideas and opinions, they seem like they know what they are talking about and they don't scare you... you will likely come back to hear and see more from this person.

Now compare that to most of the 'DIY' videos you see these days, the ol 'homestyle' video:

> too close to the camera (I can literally count their nose hairs)

> up lighting or down lighting that makes them look like a monster or ghoul > stuff going on behind them that shouldn't be or is distracting

> personal presentation questionable

> terrible sound or video quality!

Ugh I cringe just imagining it!

But, if you want to make a 'professional' video, its not that hard, it just requires some forward thinking, planning and basic preparation... check out JP Sears' videos for examples that look super chill but are planned out and on brand, or Marie Forleo's pristine and professional setup for inspiration.

What you record it on doesn't matter, it's the setup and content that counts (see link below for Emma's setup from Bespoke Backdrops). Most modern smartphones or even your laptop will do the job perfectly and may even include some features that enhance your presentation.

Here are some things to consider for video presentations, conference calls or vlogs:

> look at the scene from your viewers perspective and set it up to be appealing and on brand

> pretend you are a professional (but relaxed) TV news presenter and learn how the angle of your face looks in comparison to the camera (I have lots of double chins on some angles!)

> wear something appropriate (hey, just the top half needs to look good, you don't even need to wear pants if you don't want to! Just don't stand up before you turn the camera off)

> style (or brush) your hair and make sure your face isn't too scary (set the filter on the camera to soften if needed, or wear make up if you want, but put in a little bit of effort to your appearance)

> use a camera stand, platform or mini tripod! Don't just sit it on the table pointing up at you, your nostrils are not flattering at any angle!

> prepare your content in advance and don't waffle on for too long and keep it interesting, then edit it before you load it up

Check out Emma from Bespoke Backdrop's My highly complicated tech set up for videos..... sweet easy setup for DIY inspiration and ideas! She is a superstar with this and I love her backdrops! Have you thought about a branded backdrop!?!

There is a big wide world out there of people creating video content and you want to stand out -so, just be you... which will be different from any other person in the world!

Thanks for reading!

Amanda Sears

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