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Marketing is Manifesting in Action

I've found it really hard to explain the importance of marketing to modern women because of the apparent negative connotations and cross-over with 'sales' and the belief that 'salespeople' and 'selling' in general is tacky, disruptive, annoying and underhanded... but Denise Duffield-Thomas found the words that finally made it click for me in Chillpreneur... That when it comes to business, MARKETING is MANIFESTING in ACTION...

As the working population becomes more spiritually aware and consciously creates change for a better work and life balance, we can finally come to a better mindset with business and money through awareness and understanding.

"You can get paid for being you and using your special skills and talents!" - Christie Sheldon [click here]


For those who think of marketing their business as a 'sales' thing and steer clear of it with all of your being - you are in need of a 'mindset change' - maybe you are finding your business is not doing as well as it could be, is harder than it should be or is not making you feel light and inspired. Limiting beliefs (about marketing and how to do it) or energetic blocks can prevent you from fully stepping into your space and sharing your business authentically with the world. Know that marketing is just manifesting in action and start using it to bring in the right clients, staff and skills to make your J.O.B. (Joy of Being) your dream job!

“Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change" - Wayne Dyer [click here]

Modern marketing is telling your story, creating brand awareness, sharing your knowledge and helping others via various platforms that align with you and your business, such as: social media, tv, print media, digital advertising, speaking events, publicity, community outreach and radio. If you have a good product or service that you LOVE that uses your special skills and talents and makes you happy - you want the people who need it to know about it and find it! By investing in your marketing (presentation and communication) and taking action - you are showing the Universe that you are ready to give and to receive - therefore taking the 'action' part in your manifesting for business.

Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

To manifest what we want in our lives we need to clear blocks, update outdated or limiting belief systems, set intentions with clarity and move forwards with positive (and intuitive) action - while not trying to control the 'how' or 'when' but knowing the 'what' and 'why', eg. I am going to be a 'multimillionaire' so I can be a 'philanthropist'. Another important factor is making sure your personal success or happiness is not based on the outcome, but rather to enjoy the journey and process.

  • Change your mindset - you could start by reading Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield Thomas

  • Work through your limiting beliefs and clear energetic abundance blocks through personal development work, guided meditation or with an energetic practitioner or money mindset coach

  • Get clear on your goals + set your intentions + take guided action (actually doing something about it and trusting your intuition)

Examples of limiting beliefs that I have cleared

I've been learning a lot about money mindsets and our 'abundance blocks' and really noticing my true feelings towards success and money and analyzing where they came from...

  • Money was the 'root of all evil' - until I realised only recently that this is not true and money is wonderful and life enriching! Philanthropic people use money as a tool to do good!

  • You cannot have money AND do good - which is certainly untrue because the more money you have, the more good you can do for EVERYONE and there are so many people doing this!

  • I did not deserve happiness and abundance! - well actually we ALL have the capacity for great happiness and abundance in every way and deserve it by the way we live our lives!

  • Scarcity and lack - I used to think there wasn't enough for everyone, but now I think this is so silly, there is plenty for EVERYONE! you can have 10 businesses that 'appear' the same but they all operate differently and still have heaps of business!

  • People with money are greedy people who got there through dishonest ways or by working themselves to the bone - ah no... well yes, there are some corrupt millionaires but most of them got there through smart work, good values and ethics and understanding money and not having limited ideas about how much money they could have or how they got it

  • You also don't need to work yourself to the bone to make money! That is a BIG myth!

Note ALL the people who live dream lives in complete balance and joy around the world! They aren't special, they just know how money works and how joyous and abundant life can be when you are open to it!

A gentle reminder though for the impatient ones (like I used to be)

It is exciting to connect to the Universe and start consciously manifesting great things into your life, but sometimes it takes time and you need to experience certain things on the way to your goal (in my experience - the Universe knows when the time is right and if it happens without other 'lessons' learned then you may not be able to appreciate it or hold onto it) so, make a start and enjoy the journey... "Slow and steady wins the race" - in life AND in business.

It is often better to grow your business slowly and sustainably than it is to be an overnight millionaire or go 'viral' and suddenly have millions of followers or product orders... By growing sustainably you can generally better manage things and learn as you go with less pressure - which is often why starting small with your new business while still at another job can be the best way to start because it will minimise pressure on your finances and you can learn the ropes of being an entrepreneur in a calm, clear headspace. But if you want to dive straight in, then do it! We all live our lives differently.


Marketing your business is just putting energy out to the world through presentation and communication and bringing energy in through clients and opportunities. Money is the physical (or digital) representation of energetic currency for our skills, time and talents - it is unlimited - only we are limited... but we don't have to be! Update those limiting beliefs and clear those blocks and start using marketing as manifesting in action!

Here is a little video with Christie Sheldon with Mindvalley about abundance blocks to get you started - Mindvalley sometimes runs a free masterclass with Christie if you want to give it a go.

Happy manifesting!

Thanks for Reading!

Amanda Sears

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