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Planting The Seed - Ideas, Aspirations and Dreams...

As an avid gardener I am experienced in the art of growing plants from seeds. From the planting of the seed to providing the water, love, light and nourishment for it to grow into a seedling... then develop into a small plant and finally into whatever purpose it exists for (cabbage, fruit tree, flower, etc.)... which makes a great analogy for a blog about ideas, aspirations and dreams...

Lately the phrase 'planting the seed' has been cropping up (excuse the pun) almost daily for me, which means God is giving me a message that I need to listen to and fully absorb.

After going through my own significant growth and continuing to do so at a galactic speed I have theories, ideas, thoughts, dreams, plans and goals flowing from me at a continuous pace. I want to share my ideas, lessons and knowledge with the world and help others grow too. I want to build an empire based on creativity, inspiration and connection and pursue a multitude of projects and career directions... but... time and energy are deciding factors on what gets done and when and the rest gets added to lists, put away for later - but the seeds have been planted in my consciousness and when the season is right to grow them, I will, however some may have gone past their use by date and upgraded seeds now take their place.

I've been struggling to be around people who are still stuck in really old and outdated models of reality and belief systems and either don't want to grow or fear change. This has made it really hard to even be around some of the people I love dearly and even some of my family members - but I keep getting the reminder (mostly from my friend Renae) to just rise above it and 'stay in a place of love' and to accept that this is where they are at in life and we can only plant the seed, and they have to grow it and live out their journey in their own time and way. "Come at everything from a place of love... it is the most powerful force in the Universe" - Renae Bailey

Some seeds you actively need to plant and care for, while others do all the work on their own where ever they land... some seeds need to be repetitively planted for good coverage, like grass and some of the seeds get lost to the birds... each seed is sown and grown in the way that best helps it to thrive and the seeds that are loved and cared for grow better than the ones that are neglected or forgotten.

I've even recently become aware to God 'watering' the seeds he plants in me with little reminders, which makes me very excited about the future, as while some of those specific seeds aren't ready to grow, they have been planted so they can grow when the 'environment' is optimal and the 'environment' is forever changing!

Sometimes the plant can appear like it is dying only to grow again when the conditions are right years later! Haha some of my plants at home only grow every 3 years or only when conditions throughout the whole year are perfect!

Keep sowing seeds, you never know where they will grow!

Thanks for Reading!

Amanda Sears

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