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State of Being - Bliss

Have you ever woken up and just felt light, as if you could walk on water? And all you did was get a good nights sleep... Many years ago I had this. An unexplained euphoric 24hrs of feeling like my true divine self - my friends all needed drugs to get to this state but I was there, sober and clean with as much energy (if not more) and no hangover the next day. After that 24hrs of bliss dissipated I spent the next 13 years looking for it...

It appeared in brief moments of pure joy since then, but I couldn't quite hang onto it... until just recently when I finally realised what it is and have found ways to access it daily and plan to evolve this 'temporary' state into my permanent state of being.

The key for me is ... seated meditation ... For years I struggled to meditate, I would lose interest or just couldn't get settled comfortably, so I tried active meditation by painting or gardening, and guided meditation, anything to get into the flow of bliss, but still it just didn't get to that euphoric/pure joy space I so longed for...

After leaving my stressful job in 2018, resting and allowing my body to heal, be nourished and return to place of 'normal' instead of constant fight or flight mode, I finally understood the power of seated meditation... because I finally did it! Not only can it ground you, reconnect and align you with the Universe and your Self, but alongside forgiveness, it can lift you into an Alpha Wave state of clarity and pure joy.

I have a spot on the couch I sit in with my back supported, then I set my timer, close my eyes and take three deep breaths in and out and let myself reconnect. Thoughts come and go and I just let them flow and eventually my mind stills and a state of bliss sets in... I sit for at least 11 minutes per day and can reach that blissful state of mind in almost 1 minute now (down from 6-7 minutes)... My goal is to live in this blissful state of being at all times - while still experiencing the wonderful highs and lows of life - but as a calm and centered observer and to not get sucked into the drama or fear state that the world seems to pulsate in.

The other day I felt so discombobulated that I made myself sit and meditate and it felt as though I was spiraling in pieces inside a tornado of drama (brought on by external influences) - but within a few minutes the tornado calmed and my pieces re-combobulated and came back together - wow! What a massive change in such a short time from such a simple exercise... that ANYONE can do ANYWHERE!

I used to think I didn't have enough time to meditate or even practice self-care regularly until I finally gave in to meditation and realised that it actually GIVES you more time, not because it magically creates more time (although it might!) but because it grounds and reconnects you to You. Creating more space which allows you to live in a more flow state and work with more efficiency through clarity and focus - and joy!

"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day - unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour"

- An old Zen saying.

When as many people in the world meditate as much as they do, it makes sense that there is a good reason why! In fact there is something called the 'Maharishi' effect where this meditative state can be combined across a collective consciousness to reduce crime, create calm, heal and bring life back into dying rivers. [read more here]

Churches had the right idea in bringing groups of spiritual people together to create positive change through prayer and worship, but in my church experiences, I feel like we have forgotten this power and how to use it effectively (and why) - but there are groups of people practicing this regularly around the world and raising the vibration of the planet to a higher consciousness and peaceful place. I am so excited about this wonderful possibility and power we all have to create peaceful positive change through prayer, collective conscious and intention.

And now we even have quantum physics to explain the link between science and spirituality for those who feel they are separate! (Blog coming soon about Quantum Physics).

Thanks for reading.

Amanda Sears

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