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When One Size Fits All - It Fits Each Person Differently

I've been realising lately that not only is there usually more than one cause to a problem, (meaning also more than one solution required to resolve the problem), but that the usual 'one size fits all' saying just doesn't fit everyone in the same way and for some people it doesn't fit at all...

One Size Fits All
My friend Stefan got this 'one size fits all' singlet from the gym in Thailand in 2009 and we all tried it on to see if it really WAS one size fits all! (and yes, that is a cigarette in my hand! I used to be an alcoholic AND smoker!)

Over the years my health issues, research, experience and spiritual development have taught me that not only is there no 'quick fix' to most things, but that there are almost always multiple causes to illness relating to not only the different ways our bodies can be attacked (emotional, physical, environmental, energetic etc.), but also to the different levels we can be affected on - physical, biological, energetic, spiritual, psychological, emotional, etc.

We are all intricate '1 trillion piece puzzles' with each puzzle being different for each person... however, when all the pieces connect right (come into alignment), they create the full picture (when you work out how to slot them all together correctly) - but one size piece doesn't necessarily fit every other puzzle in the exact same way - sometimes, it doesn't fit into another puzzle AT ALL!

There are certain 'one size fits all' biological things that humans require to live on Earth:

> Oxygen - clean, unpolluted air is preferable > Water - natural, unprocessed, toxin free and 'alive' is preferable > Nutrition - a range of micro, macro and phytonutrients (+ water) and other things like enzymes, etc.

Then there are the emotional and environmental variations:

> Climate - just the right temperature

> Shelter - a place to get out of the weather and be safe, warm and dry > Sunlight - just the right amount

> Sleep - preferably 6-8hrs per night, but it depends on the person

> Love - unconditional for yourself and others preferably

*You may question 'love' being in there but there were some sad studies done on babies that died (I don't think on purpose?) that didn't receive any affection that proves the importance of love, or at least affection...

Each person needs these in varying quantities but there are also the unseen or unmeasured/unmeasurable things that affect us too, whether we are aware of it or not:

The other things:

> Energy

> Vibration and Frequencies

> Faith

> Belief Systems > Models of Reality

> Overall Health and Wellbeing > Thoughts, Feelings and Perceptions...

... and then it unravels further and starts to boggle the mind! But it does make us think about the different ways we can help ourselves and if we are actually looking at the whole picture or just a cropped image... eg. people who exercise and don't lose weight - maybe they also need to adjust their diet - but then they can't because they have psychological issues that make them eat that way, some kind of childhood trauma, etc - so to lose weight they need to clear the trauma!... We need to start looking at ourselves HOLISTICALLY to get the fastest, permanent and best results for our health and wellbeing.

Next time you are battling a health concern or something isn't changing no matter how hard you try, come at it differently and from a HOLISTIC point of view, understanding that you are more than just a physical body and work through your layers, for example:

> Adjust your diet so that you are consuming as many nutrients as you can whenever you eat, increase wholesome nutritious foods and reduce processed, toxic or nutrient depleted food

> Move your body however feels best and get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing (walk, dance, jiggle, clean, swim, gym, etc... so many options!)

> Get fresh air and embrace the healing energy of nature, being thankful for our clean environment compared to other places in the world like Mongolia (practicing gratitude is quite important to happiness)

> Reduce stress, set up boundaries, work through limiting beliefs and practice selfcare

> Look deep within to any psychological issues or trapped emotions holding you back... and if you can't find any, hire someone helpful who can, and then process and clear them

> Clean your environment, declutter and detoxify it as well as your body, soul and mind

> Clean your energy! or get someone to do it for you (scientifically we now know that everything is energy... that's right! including us!!)

> Help others

These are just some of the ways to work through our health and wellbeing woes in a holistic 'checklist' sense and a little reminder that if a 'one size fits all' diet, pill, workout or other method is not working for you... then its just a matter of finding the right 'one size fits all' approach or even creating your own one!

I like to try everything and treat my body like a 'guinea pig' - only 'animal testing' done is on myself! - with an open mind, because remember... Pluto used to be a planet, then it wasn't and now it might be again... so science changes, we learn knew things, people change their minds and technology evolves.

The only 100% true 'one size fits all' aspect for humans is that we require oxygen, water and nutrition to exist - everything else is a matter of personal preference and what works for you.

Thanks for reading!

Amanda Sears >> Blog post about de-cluterring your life coming soon!

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