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I've always wanted to help people and animals be well and initially trained as a vet nurse. I realised it wasn't the right direction for me after working at the Auckland SPCA and I looked into counselling, psychology and life coaching before deciding to focus on helping people and businesses through my design and marketing skills in the meantime - BUT - I am finally starting the path to a wellness career later this year when I start studying Naturopathy!

The plan so far: My business will be called Amanda Sears - The Wellness Guide. At this stage it will be holistically and intuitively based incorporating 'traditional' medical recommendations alongside natural therapies and nutrition with the aim to guide, inspire and empower people to grow through their experiences and embrace the lessons their life has taught them (and make sense of the ones they don't yet understand). I will work in with other practitioners that I feel offer complimentary therapies (of which I have personally experienced) and incorporate life coaching too, but in a more gentle way as a guide, rather than coach to encourage and help people find their inner confidence and remember that we are all divine creations from God full of incredible possibility. The business idea is still in its very early days and over the next few years my knowledge, ideas and experiences will only grow to make me even more equipped to guide those on their journey through life. I'm so excited! This has been YEARS in the making! *I won't be practicing for another 1-3years but I want to start sharing my experiences now in the hope I might help others on their journey...

I have a LOT of experience and knowledge in both the medical industry (with both public and private practioners, GPs and specialists from all over New Zealand) as well as extensive knowledge and experience in the "alternative" health modalities + counselling and psychology - so I have formed some ideas, theories and opinions on these matters that I am ready to start embracing and sharing with the world.

The Sears Co blog will be my platform for sharing, so hopefully you don't mind a mix of business development, design and marketing AND wellness thoughts! Thanks,

Amanda Sears

**The Wellness Guide**

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