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Weight VS Vitality to Measure Good Health

This picture reminds us that the number on the scale is not a direct reflection of our health but one measure of it. In fact there are many slim people who are dying inside with toxins, inflammation, parasites and a sluggish liver.

I used to get hung up on numbers until I realised VITALITY is really how you measure health... We have all seen those super human beings with glowing skin, bright eyes and an annoying amount of enthusiasm for life... that, is VITALITY at its highest.

I'm all for body positive and we should all love ourselves no matter what size or shape we are... but your VITALITY (your energy and how good you feel) should determine your health rather than a number.

I measure my health by:

  • VITALITY (when you are so unwell that you have experienced the lowest point and can compare it to your highest point it is easy to see where your best self is) - weight (because I know I'm personally in the best physical condition around 62-67kg) - overall general health measures like how my bowels are doing, clarity of thinking, sleep quality, mental capacity to cope with life and level of happiness

VITALITY (for me at least) is gained by healing and strengthening our bodies through lifestyle and diet adjustments such as:

  • reducing chronic stress

  • feeding our bodies nourishing foods full of nutrients and knowing what foods we can't tolerate (usually gluten, processed food, refined sugar, eggs and dairy + for me I can't eat much meat anymore)

  • seeing practitioners who support us in getting well

  • surrounding ourselves with high vibrational loving and supportive people

  • getting back to nature, sunshine and fresh air

  • gentle exercise

Imagine feeling full of VITALITY every day. Waking up and jumping out of bed to take on the day. That is the feeling we should all strive to reach... not the number on the scale x

Thanks for Reading!

Amanda Sears

*Please see disclaimer on The Wellness Guide page here

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