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Opportunities arise ALL the time in life. Places to go, people to meet, things to do, niches in the market to capitalise on, etc... and I want to do EVERYTHING! In fact, recently someone asked me "what haven't you done?!?" And I thought... well, I haven't been a pilot, haha!

But, the question did make me realise that despite my illnesses over the years, (and being completely debilitated at various times over those years - not to mention the last 3 years of 'health hell') I've actually achieved a fair amount in my almost 33 years and experienced a really full life. Because I was unwell so often, when I was well I did as much as I could, which means fitting lots into small time spaces - which made me a very fast learner, adaptable and excellent with time management + I would say "yes" to every opportunity.

I feel really blessed now looking back at at my ill health and the jobs that overworked me, loaded me with responsibility, huge almost unmanageable workloads and underpaid me - because this is what shaped me the most and made me the human and business person I am today - not many people can be a 'one woman creative agency', but I can!

Going through my 3 years of 'health hell' I grew so much as a person and my priorities in life changed significantly. I put up boundaries and no longer let people walk all over me, I now make wise choices with how I use my energy and who I spend time with. I take care of my mind, body and soul like I never did before and have confidence in my own abilities, knowledge and experience. After spending around $15-$20k on my health over the last few years we also think differently about money, which has helped us be really good with our finances and release a lot of the materialism we used to focus our money on.

There are many quotes out there about how we are shaped by the tough times in our lives and they are all so true... but my favourite has to be about being cracked to let the light in... because I feel like my shell has been annihilated and I am now full of light!

Thanks for Reading!

Amanda Sears

*Please see disclaimer on The Wellness Guide page here

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Bryson Mills
Bryson Mills
Sep 24, 2021

Hello mate great bllog

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