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Unstuck from a Rut

So John and I were kinda stuck in a rut towards the end of last year. My 8th pregnancy loss (which was another ectopic) was really bringing us down, it was going on for a long time and making me VERY unwell and we got into a funk of laziness and trying to find comfort in crappy (but funny) TV shows and 'junk' behaviour.

After feeling inspired one day I mentioned to him that I had been thinking about healthy humans and what they all have in common and that we needed to include more of these elements in our lives to lift our spirits and find our inspiration and love of life again.

What I noticed that healthy people full of VITALITY do is they: 🍏 Eat mainly plant based diets full of fruit and veges and only indulge in the 'not-so-great' stuff every so often, but still allow themselves to have it and not feel guilt 🌳 Spend more time in nature, on walks and adventures immersed in fresh air and sunshine and all that nature has to offer 👩‍🎤 Socialise regularly with high-vibrational people at cool places and make sure they have fun wherever they are 😴 Rest and take care of themselves fully with their mental health, self-care practices, mindfulness and relaxation and quality sleep 📖 Read, listen to or watch inspirational and uplifting programs, books, audio books and documentaries

So we started to up our game in life in order to up our spirits. We started watching an awesome uplifting and inspiring series on Netflix from Morgan Freeman about the Story of God and the Story of Us (rather than some of the drivel we had been watching). Then we got outside more and went to Golden Bay and Marlborough Sounds and spent more time outside at home. We added more fruit and veges to our diets and made better meal choices. I always read, but bought a bunch of self-development books from some great authors. I started taking my self-reiki more seriously, listening to the Bible again on Bible Gateway and making sure I got fresh air and sunshine on my skin every single day.

I can tell you that we both feel better and shook off the funk that was pulling us down. John no longer needs to drink coffee every day (which he had done for 15-20 years!). and we appreciate our surroundings more and are more actively and joyously pursuing our passions.

What are your HEALTHY HABITS?

Thanks for Reading!

Amanda Sears

*Please see disclaimer on The Wellness Guide page here

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