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When I Found Anthony William, The Medical Medium

I had managed to get my health back to about 70% (from 20-30%) by the time I 'randomly' found out about Anthony William the 'Medical Medium' around early December 2018 through his Celery Juice movement and bumping into someone in a serendipitous way around the same time who talked of him.

I was skeptical at first (as I am about everything) and researched him and his theories online before purchasing his first book (then his next 3). His books made my health journey finally make sense in a way the medical world never could. I finally had answers and reasons as to why what I did worked!

Yes, he is a spiritual person and talks directly to a high spirit from God... but while that might seem daunting to those without faith or those who are not yet familiar with the spiritual side of our existence, his methods for healing are purely nutrition based... and they work because he deals with the root cause of illness (which science doesn't yet know and can't fully grasp).

The best part about using food as medicine, is you can do it in conjunction with medical treatments prescribed by your doctor, and hopefully wean yourself off those over time (as most are pretty hard on the liver and usually have a BIG list of side-effects!

He has answers for all chronic and mystery illness (which is on the rise globally) and ways to heal that are pretty easy to follow and make so much sense. Check him out, his website, facebook page, instagram and audio tracks and see what you reckon. If you suffer from something unbearable that no-one has the answer for, like I did and millions of other people do, he might just be what you are searching for. Be open to new ideas. If he can heal your pain with his knowledge or get your chronically ill child back to a health and a normal life - (with only food and natural supplements) - isn't it worth opening your mind to?

*He is not a 'medium' in the occult sense, but just like many Saints, Christians and miracle workers that came before him, he has a direct line to spirit, specifically The Spirit of Compassion*

(Note: I no longer find anything 'random'... I see everything as all part of the divine plan of God to help us experience life and grow through our experiences, the good and the bad and that is what my wellness practice will be based on).

Here is the Medical Medium website - keep an open mind and see how Anthony and The Spirit of Compassion can help you, your friends and your family find answers and finally heal.

Thanks for Reading!

Amanda Sears

*Please see disclaimer on The Wellness Guide page here

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I'm new to the Medical Medium, so thanks for sharing your thoughts on him!

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